To Rebuild Paradise

Our mission is to help people who have been disadvantaged due to the fires in Paradise, California.

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Disaster Relief Organization in Oroville, CA

In less than 6 hours, the people of Paradise, CA, lost 4,500 businesses and 14,500 single-family homes. This massive devastation left countless folks without homes, resources, or hope. At ABF, we want to make a difference. Inspired by the love for our community and passion for helping others, we offer a variety of disaster relief and free rebuilding services that only we can provide.

As a disaster relief organization in Oroville, CA, we help coordinate and organize rebuilding efforts for the communities affected by the wildfires. We work closely with federal and state agencies, along with insurance companies, to handle the removal of fire debris and the reconstruction of your property. We are also partnered with a number of specialized contractors who help take care of the home rebuilding projects. These partnerships let us cover everything needed to rebuild a home, from the foundation and frame to the roof and interior.

So if you have suffered a loss of property because of the wildfires, then reach out to our office. We are always ready to assist those that have lost their home.

Rebuilding the Community

With the extent of the devastation brought by the 2018 wildfires, many members of the community lost everything. That’s why at ABF, we have made it our duty to help those that were affected by the fires. You can help regrow our community as well by either volunteering with our team or making a rebuilding donation to our cause. With the assistance of everyone in the community, we can all rebuild and grow together to recover from the losses suffered due to the wildfires. To learn more about how to help our cause, reach out to our team.

Donate to our rebuilding efforts today.

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About Us

Alliance Builders Foundation (ABF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping residents and business owners affected by wildfires in the area. Founded in 2014 as Alliance Kingdom Builders, we've offered a variety of support services for folks in Paradise and Oroville, CA, over the years, from career coaching to supporting the elderly. We even helped set up a free dental facility for low-income folks. Today, we draw on years of experience and local connections to provide wildfire recovery and rebuilding services completely free of charge.

Contact us to learn more about our organization and the assistance we provide. We proudly serve the communities of Oroville and Paradise, CA, as well as the surrounding areas.


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